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Services Include:
Business start-up assistance
Financial statements
Tax return preparation
IRS audit representation
Strategic tax planning
Monthly/quarterly services
Estate planning
Retirement planning
Personal financial planning
Cash flow forecasting
Payroll & sales tax returns
401(k)'s and IRA's
Deferred compensation planning
Insolvency planning
and more...

We have spent most of our careers helping small businesses and their owners with their accounting, tax and other financial needs. Throughout the years, we have provided our clients with senior level financial management expertise without the overhead of a chief financial officer.

"How does this month's income statement compare with last month's? The same month last year?" Most of our clients don't have personnel tracking numbers closely month to month. We notice when a month is down and help the owner understand why. If things are on the upswing, it may be time to consider a profit sharing or 401(k) plan.

We believe we keep our clients' taxes as low as possible. We also provide a knowledgeable sounding board for ideas. We can quickly assess the business and tax impact of decisions and make projections. We encourage clients to call us and say, "We're thinking of doing this. What do you think? What impact will it have?" It's much better to have the question first than have the client call and say, "We did this. What impact will it have?"

Knowledge gained in this close scrutiny of a business's finances has prepared us to offer additional services as appropriate. When a client wishes to expand or obtain financing for other purposes, we often accompany the client to meetings with bank officials to interpret the company's financial statements and results.

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